Fort Edward was a major pottery manufacturing center back in the 1800s. One of the well known makers was Haxstun & Co, founded in 1872 at the corner of Broadway and Argyle Streets. My house built in the 1950s now sits on the original cut stone foundation of the factory. The photo shows my little collection of Haxston products. Left to right: A jug for whiskey or water with a tornado design, a butter churn, a jam pot, and a crock used to hold almost anything including butter and preserved/pickeled meat. The broken fragments came out of the yard, they are everywhere. In those days refrigerators had not yet been invented and everything had to be preserved in these pots.

This is an original salesman's catalog from Fort Edward Stone Ware Company, dated June 1879, showing prices for some of the Haxstun products. Notice the prices are "per dozen" and these pots went for about a dollar each or less, back then. Of course in those days a dollar was still worth a dollar.