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Loiselle Memorials Inc.

Loiselle Memorials Inc is located next to the Union Cemetery at 402 Lower Main Street, Hudson Falls, NY. 12839. Phone 518-747-4170.

The craftsmen at Loiselle Memorials, led by Daniel Giroux, CM, produce a wide variety of monuments, headstones, tombstones or gravestones. Various types of stone are used, and all markers are completed to the client's specifications. Pictured here is a bevel marker of Barre, VT Granite. The outer border is polished while the interior is tiffany finished to create a background for the lettering.

Here we have a similar marker, also made of Barre Granite. This one is made to stand upright.

Headstones can also be created for a husband and wife. This one depicts a love of nature and is personalized with the couple’s wedding date. This memorial was placed in advance and room was left to engrave the date of death at a later time.

Another example of the two person headstone, showing wedding rings and wedding date. Polished crimson red granite creates a deep rich color and is set off by a tiffany finished panel which is achieved by sandblasting the stone with steel shot.

A headstone for another couple, together forever. Nothing says “I love you” more than a heart and flowers. What’s more, these flowers are guaranteed not to fade.

Traditional markers are not for everyone. Here is a lovely park bench made of Gray Granite that can be installed in virtually any setting, maybe even your backyard.

This almost finished hand sculpted bench was installed in the backyard of a dog lover. The contrasting colors are achieved naturally from a chiseled finish and by darkening the stone by polishing.

Monuments can be hand or laser etched with very fine detail and photos or even portraits can be created.

Loiselle Memorials also produces headstones with a bronze plaque attached to the stone. This one shows a picture of the deceased, as well as several photos from her life.

Loiselle Memorials also produced the grave markers for three of Fort Edward's most famous people: Jane McCrae, Sarah McNeil and Duncan Campbell. These can be seen just inside the main gate of Union Cemetery. This photo by Deborah Austin.

VIDEO: Watch Daniel Giroux carve an unusual birdbath from solid granite! The main tool used is a steel chisel on an air-operated tool, this is all hand made. The large flexible tube is a vacuum to collect the dust to avoid inhaling.

VIDEO: Here we see a craftsman carving an inscription into solid granite. First the design is transferred to the stone face using a stencil and sandblasting, and then a steel chisel on an air tool is used to do the carving. He cuts a straight line down the center of each letter, and then he carves the groove from the outside to the center. Carving in granite leaves absolutely no margin for error, and this talented craftsman has good reason to be proud of his work.

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Interactive Map: Loiselle Memorials Inc is located in Hudson Falls, at the corner of Lower Main Street and Schuyler Street. Note the circle of sample stones displayed on the lawn, showing some of the options available.

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