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Fort Edward, New York


King Smiley Billiards - 49 Broadway, Fort Edward, NY. 12828

Visit King Smiley Billiards ... shoot a few racks of pool and have a bite to eat and a glass of wine or a beer. We're open from 3 PM til midnite, Wednesday thru Monday. ( Closed Tuesday )

Inside are 8 pool tables and a bar, everything is clean and new. Well lit and a very nice place.

At the bar, the patrons sit facing the pool tables. The service bar is on the far end. There's a nice selection of food, plus beer and wine.

One of the many special events at King Smiley Billiards, the 2014 Halloween Party!

March 2015: Bernice Ende (Lady Long Rider) pauses from her 8,000 mile journey across the USA and Canada, to find out if horses can shoot pool! Sadly it turned out they can't, because they keep chewing on the pool sticks.

King Smiley's food and drink menu.

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