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Jan's Cans

Jan's Cans   -   140 Broadway, Fort Edward NY., 12828   -   Phone (518) 791-8031

Do you have a bunch of cans or bottles and don't feel right about trashing them? And those 5 cent deposits add up pretty quick and who wants to throw money away? And you don't like standing at the supermarket feeding them one at a time into that machine? And then you have to go wait in the cashier line to get your money. Yes, there is a better way:

Here, a little girl helps Daddy bring them in to Jan's Cans and dumps them on the counter.

Jan does a real fast count, and you have your full cash in hand moments later. You get the full 5 cents deposit here, and you are in and out in about a minute and a half.

And about a week later, Jan had about 20,000 cans and bottles, now all sorted out and bagged. This is about half her load, just about to go into the truck and heading for the melting plant. Isn't this better than into a landfill, or laying by the side of the road?

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