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Canadian Pacific Railroad Holiday Train

Each year around Thanksgiving the Canadian Pacific Railroad (CPR) sends their wonderful Holiday Christmas Train, and it always stops in Fort Edward at the train station on East Street. Here are some pictures from the 2013 event.

At 12:45 PM on Thanksgiving Day, the CPR Christmas Holiday Train pulls into the Amtrack Station on East street. It's a very bright but frozen day. Several hundred people are waiting on the sidewalks.

The entire length of the train is beautifully decorated with Christmas lights. Unfortunately, it's day time ...

This box car stopped right in the middle of East Street and the huge aluminum panel came folding out to form a stage ...

... and a 5-piece band started playing Christmas music! They did a wonderful performance. Of course, rock and roll in the north country does involve heavy winter coats. The chain seen on the right is one of two that hold the stage floor up.

Some of the band went off stage for a moment, and returned wearing chipmunk suits. You remember Alvin and The Chipmunks, don't you? And they brought Santa back with them. Turns out that Santa Claus is quite a dancer! With him bouncing around on the stage hanging from the side of the railcar, it actually rocked the entire car from side to side, giving new meaning to the phrase Rock N Roll.

Here we see Kelly Prescott and Anders Drerup perform in their chipmunk suits!

Today, the Canadian Pacific Railroad presented the Fort Edward Food Pantry with a $ 4,000.- check. Nice!

After the half hour show was over, the CPR Holiday Train pulled out of the station, with Santa Claus waving from the back. What a wonderful show, thank you Canadian Pacific Railroad.

A bit about the band:
The Claytones are Kelly Preston, Anders Drerup, Adam Puddington and Pat McLaughlin.

See the Claytones website at:

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