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Fort Edward Heritage Days

Small Town America at its finest!

Heritage Days is an annual celebration in Fort Edward NY, on the last weekend of June, starting Friday evening thru Sunday afternoon. There is a rather impressive Parade on Saturday down Broadway, and various activities throughout the weekend at the Fort Edward Yacht Basin, including fireworks, vendors, music, carnival rides, wrestling, food and even helicopter rides.

Here are some highlights from the 2013 Heritage Days Parade.

American Legion Post 504 of Fort Edward provided a Color Guard to lead the Parade.

The Galloway Gaelic Pipe Band.

Fort Edward High School's Lady Forts girls basketball team.

The Fort Edward Fire Department was well represented and well appreciated.

The Fort Edward Fire department shows off a 1950s fire truck.

A horse-drawn carriage, carrying two U.S. Marine Veterans of WW2.

Maplewood sent their 1960s Dodge Power Wagon fire truck.

Brush 109, a Hummer fire truck, from the South Queensbury Fire Department.

The Keystone Kops Unit of the Glens Falls Oriental Temple Shriners.

Another entry from the Keystone Kops Unit of the Oriental Temple Shriners, a beautiful 1930s Ford Model A pickup truck.

Here's the real Mayor Matthew Traver, and Village Trustee Darlene Devoe, walking past Two Momma's Cafe on Broadway.

A 1958 John Deere 420T tractor driven by Ken Hill of Greenwich NY, followed by Terry Rainville on a 1952 John Deere Model A, then Stephanie Williams on a 1954 John Deere Model 60, then Dennis Williams on his 1957 John Deere Model 620 tractor. Yes, Fort Edward is John Deere country!

This is Dennis's other tractor, a 1983 John Deere model 4450.

The Cambridge Band, billed as "America's Oldest Band".

A beautiful tractor-trailer by Tim Havens, the owner of Falls Farm & Garden Equipment of Hudson Falls. This is a 1961 International Harvester RDF405 "Westcoaster", with a Cummins 262 diesel. Absolutely beautiful!

My personal best part of the day, right after the parade your photographer Fred Wehner took a joyride around the village on Dennis Williams' 1954 John Deere Model 60 tractor. Notice the traction weights on the rear wheels, that's 900 pounds per wheel.

2014: Ya never know when you may need to make a deposit at The Fort Edward Branch of Glens Falls Bank! Actually the horse was hot & tired and the driver parked him in the shade after the Parade.

2014: Deputy Town Clerk Liz O'Leary is arrested for "creating a public disturbance". Those of us who know her will agree.

Ya just don't get stuff like this in the Big City!

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