Fort Edward Chamber of Commerce
Fort Edward, New York

Fort Edward Architecture

The historic Jane McCrea House, built around 1760 may be Fort Edward's oldest home. The kidnap, killing and scalping by Indians here of a young woman named Jane McCrea in 1777 became the basis of the book Last of The Mohicans.

A beautiful brick home on Broadway on Fort Edward hill just above the High School. The house and garage have matching slate roofs.

The Kilmer Funeral Home, built around 1860 is a fine example of Victorian architecture.

A newly refurbished home on East Street in a style known as Italianate. It dates to around 1860.

The McCarty home on Broadway, near the railroad bridge.

The Museum and Art Center on Broadway next door to the McCarty home.

The former Methodist Church on Broadway near the rail crossing was sold years ago and was a private residence for some years. It is expected to be demolished soon.

The DeVoe home on Broadway at the bottom of the hill is a fine example of Victorian style, built around 1890.

A group home operated by ARC is one of Fort Edward's largest residences.

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