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Fort Edward Animal Hospital

The Fort Edward Animal Hospital is owned and operated by Dr. Gordon R. Ellmers Jr., DVM. He is a wonderful veterinarian, specializing in cats & dogs. He has all the latest equipment, and provides excellent care.

Doc Ellmers will take very good care of your pets, as he does with mine. Regular checkups will make a big difference in the health of your fur-babies, and don't forget to keep their shots up to date, very important!

Call us at (518) 747-2131

Dr. Gordon Ellmers is also a world renowned bird photographer. His photos are widely respected and admired by everyone. A few samples of his photography appear below.

Fort Edward Animal Hospital   -   12 Prospect Street, Fort Edward, NY. 12828   - phone (518) 747-2131

Dr. Gordon Ellmers' Bird Photography

Special Thanks to Doc Ellmers for allowing us to display some of his amazing bird photographs!
There will be regular updates, so check back to see his latest work.

These photographs are Copyright (c) 2014, Dr. Gordon Ellmers, Jr. - commercial use prohibited.

On each photograph, the "high-res" link will display the original photo in full resolution.

A female Snowy Owl sits atop a telephone pole in the Fort Edward Grasslands. They nest in the arctic, but often winter in Fort Edward.   high-res

A mated pair of Bald Eagles sit together in a tree. The male is the smaller bird.   high-res

A Bald Eagle soars over head.   high-res

A Red-Tailed Hawk surveys his domain from a pole, looking for mice and small tasty critters.   high-res

This Red-Tailed Hawk strikes his prey at 120 miles per hour, it never had a chance. This photo appeared on the front page of the Glens Falls Chronicle.   high-res

The Peregrine Falcon can strike its prey at 240 miles per hour. This one carries his lunch, a half eaten pigeon.   high-res

A Belted Kingfisher surveys the water below, watching for small fish and insects.   high-res

This Black-Capped Chickadee is about to fly ...   high-res

Blue Jays love eating Sumac berries ... and showing off!   high-res

The Yellow-Shafted Flicker is a type of woodpecker.   high-res

An Eastern Blue Bird dines on bittersweet berries.   high-res

A Cedar Waxwing enjoys some bittersweet berries.   high-res

The male Hooded Merganser Duck is quite a show-off.   high-res

A Killdeer runs over the ice and snow.   high-res

This Green Heron enjoys his lunch, a little minnow he caught.   high-res

A male Northern Cardinal hangs on to his perch in spite of heavy snow.   high-res

A Solitary Sandpiper stalks the shoreline.   high-res

The Pileated Woodpecker drills trees for the bugs under the bark.   high-res

A mated pair of Ospreys at the nest on Route 4. The female has markings on her chest and has her wings spread.   high-res

A mother osprey and her two chicks sit on the nest on a vavigation marker on Lake Champlain. Gordie took this photo from the roof of Fred's boat, Tug 44.   high-res

A Great Blue Heron family, an adult female and her three chicks. Love the "hats" on the chicks!   high-res

This Red-Bellied Woodpecker sits on a tree, taking a break from drilling trees for bugs.   high-res

A female Wood Duck and her five chicks.   high-res

A small Merlin Falcon patrols the street.   high-res

This male Scarlet Tanager enjoys blueberries.   high-res

The Great Egret is often misnamed Snowy Egret which is a much smaller bird. They are sometimes called Great White Heron.   high-res

White-Breasted Nuthatches usually cling to trees upside-down as seen here.   high-res

A male Northern Cardinal sitting in the hedge behind Gordie's house.   high-res

Yes we know that's not a bird, but this female Red Fox was too beautiful not to include.   high-res

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