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The Anvil Inn Restaurant

Anvil Inn Restaurant - 67 Broadway, Fort Edward, NY. 102828 - phone (518) 747-0556

The Anvil Inn Restaurant is located in an 1840s blacksmith shop, once operated by S.D. Turner.

There's a well stocked bar by the entrance, decorated with various blacksmith equipment and hundreds of lucky horseshoes. On the top shelf behind the bar is a display of original Fort Edward pottery, made back in the late 1800s.

The main dining room is dominated by a massive fireplace. In winter, part of the waitress' duties include stoking the fire, which adds a warm cozy feeling to the wonderful food.

In good weather, you may enjoy your dinner and drinks on the outdoor patio, complete with a small fountain in the middle. In the background is a 1929 Ford Model A and a 1930 Pontiac Cabriolet convertible. The cars belong to a local car club that had their meeting at The Anvil Inn that day.

The Anvil Inn is open in most any weather, as seen in this photo from December 2014.

The Anvil Inn has a wonderful menu.

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The history of the Anvil Inn's historic building.

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